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  • Best Community Hospital ever! Great doctors, nurses, and other staff. Always on time, polite, and eager to help. The Robotic Surgery Department’s fantastic team and quality work. Many thanks to all the doctors I met during my recent stay at the Hospital. Thanks for your understanding, genuine care, and professionalism. The professional nurses and support staff are great hires and are hard to find. The hospital’s location makes most of the stress go away, as the Hospital overlooks the Hudson River and Union City. If there are seven stars ratings for reviews, I will check all seven for the superior work of the Hudson Regional Hospital and its team.

    Elena Shlychkov
  • The entire experience at Hudson Regional Hospital was peerless. The staff was organized and welcoming. This included their demeanor with and to my wife, who accompanied me. The nurses and anesthesiologist kept us informed all along the way. Three days after the surgery, I feel very well indeed, and the sites of the surgery are healing quickly and well.

    Bruce Reynolds
  • On Nov 20, 2020, I had spinal surgery at Hudson Regional Hospital. I have to say, I have never met so many kind people who have been associated with HRH. I reside on Long Island and I cannot drive long distances. My husband has to work to support us so I needed transportation to and from the hospital. HRH has a program to provide patients with free transportation. This was such a pleasant experience. Literally from the anesthesiologist, RNs, Neuro, and everyone who passed me each and every one of them asked if I was OK, smiled, and was so professional! After the surgery, I was not sick and my pain was managed. I want to thank ALL of the HRH staff with all of my heart for all that you have done and do. You are all unsung heroes that need to be recognized for not only doing their jobs but just being amazing humans!

    Melanie Engel-Norton
  • I suffered chronic pain in my lower extremities for years. Recently, the pain became unbearable and I was hospitalized. I had spinal fusion surgery and plates and screws were inserted where the discs that were herniated basically exploded. I was up and walking the day after surgery, and three weeks after surgery, I realized the pain that had been there for years was gone. I improved daily and two months after surgery I returned to work. I am still amazed that every morning I get up and can walk upright, and don’t need to take any pain medications.

    Denise E McGurk

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